Tuesday, October 2, 2012

H&M...why aren't they making the most out of their digital space?

When I browse through my closet, I have a few pieces I love most; what girl doesn't? I've got a mix between some sweaters, a few feminine blouses, and a couple classic dresses. Almost everything I have purchased from an H&M store is among my favorites. There is no question the H&M brand meets the perfect mix of fashionable, yet affordable. So answer me this: why is it that I can't order any of these chic pieces online? The only way to purchase something from H&M is in the store. Because Louisiana doesn't even have a store, I have only bought things from the Las Vegas and New York locations. Online, you are able to browse collections of clothing and accessories. It is organized beautifully, by gender, then by top, bottom, dress, etc. They have everything digitally you would expect an online clothing store to have. The thing they don't have, however, is an "add to cart" option. There is no way to purchase online, and I feel that they are making a mistake by not taking full advantage of their digital space! If they added an option to purchase online, not only would they be improving their site and sales, they would be improving my closet also. 
Click me for a link to the h&m website!