Friday, October 25, 2013

Skinny Love

Skinny Love

With our magazines filled with stick thin girls and movies featuring beautiful and thin women, it’s no question why so many girls have such strong body image issues. We compare, idolize and obsess. Some obsess so much they take drastic, deathly risks to fit in that size 0 dress. From juicing for weeks, to skipping meals daily, it seems that people will do anything to have their hip bones stick out and their thighs not touch. I feel that being sexy is about being healthy, not scrawny. The women who don’t change their eating habits to be stick skinny, but to be healthy and nutritious are the ones we should admire, and that’s exactly what this post is about.

Meet Ally

Ally Bruner, a native of Mandeville, La, is someone we should all be looking up to because of her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Over the past 9 months, Ally has focused on eating clean and has lost 17 pounds. I sat down with Ally and asked her all about her journey and how she did it.

Interview with Ally 

Al: Why and when did you decide to change your eating habits?
Ally Bruner: I decided to change my eating habits right after Mardi Gras in February to originally hope to lose a few before Spring Break of 2013.  I wanted to change my habits because I knew I was living an unhealthy lifestyle that involved pizza, fried food, beer, etc.  I knew it was time for a change when I got home from Mardi Gras and realized how many unhealthy things I had consumed throughout the week without a care in the world.

Al: How did you do it?
AB: I did it in baby steps.  I started by slowly eating in smaller portions and creating more self-control for myself.  Whenever I found that I was having a bad food craving for something I clearly did not need, I would constantly remind myself of the end result.  I wanted my self-confidence back.  I downloaded an app called "My Fitness Pal" on my phone that helps you track your calories every day.  I followed it each day and after about two weeks, I began seeing changes in my body.  Once I started seeing results, everything became a thousand times easier.

Al: You look different! Do you feel different, too? How so?
AB: I feel so different from what I used to be/what I used to look like.  I feel so accomplished already and my journey is still not over.  I feel more confident than I have in years, and it feels amazing.

Al: Where are you at in your transformation process? What else do you plan on doing?
AB: I would say that I am now more aware than ever of what food I am consuming and how healthy it is for your body.  I do splurge every once in a while, but not at all like I used to.  I have made my body adjust to healthier foods over the process and it makes me feel healthier all together.  Even though I have come along way, I still plan on continuing to live a healthier lifestyle by eating the foods that I love, but in moderation.

Al: What is some advice to give to girls who want to lose weight, but take the starvation route?
AB: The most important thing you can do for yourself is take care of you body.  Your body needs proper nourishment in order for you to live a healthy life. When I hear of girls taking routes that involve starvation, binging, over-exercising, etc., I can't help but think how much harm is being done to them.  Most of these girls don't even have a clue because they are so determined to lose a crazy amount of weight in a short amount of time.  When you actually lose weight by eating healthy and exercising over an extended time, the weight will actually STAY off!  When women resort to starvation and/or over exercising, this actually slows down your metabolism.  This means that you may lose weight more quickly initially, but eventually your body will go into starvation mode and begin storing fat because it knows that it can't get this fat from food.  In the long run, your metabolism will slow down altogether resulting in less weight loss.  It is an extremely unhealthy route for your body that many women don't understand/care about.  Why wouldn't you want to look skinny AND healthy?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Here Comes the Sun....

Here Comes the Sun....

Here Comes the Sun.... by aldome91 featuring brown lenses sunglasses

Ah, sunglasses! One of my most favorite accessories. They can totally make an outfit, depending on what vibe they give off. Think about it! A simple black dress with circle sunglasses give you a 60's boho look. Now take that same black dress and throw on a pair of cat eye lenses- you're a chic business women ready to take on anything. Just ask Kourtney Kardash. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Makeup Bag Monday: Pucker Up

Makeup Bag Monday: Pucker Up

Rosebud Perfume Co lip treatment
Al's Tip: With winter approaching, you’ll need something to keep your kisser nice and smooth. This stuff is awesome. It isn’t sticky or colored, but it’s the perfect clear gloss/chapstick. For $6, you could find this anywhere from a drug store, Urban Outfitters or Sephora.

Benefit lip stain makeup
Al's Tip: This is my favorite stain. It smells like roses, and gives you a red hint of color on your lips without being overdone. It looks really natural and you can add as many coats as you want to get an ever “redder” look. At Sephora this stain is $30, but it will last you forever!

Smashbox lip gloss
Al's Tip: This lip gloss is really good because it gives you a nude lip tint with a nice glossy finish. I like it a lot mostly because of the color. You can find this at Sephora for around $19.

Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss
Al's Tip: This is my new favorite lip gloss. I was trying to find one similar to Blair Walfor’s look, and this is the closest I have found. It looks much brighter in the tube, so don’t be afraid to buy something a little out of your comfort zone! You can find this at any drug store for around $7.

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm
Al's Tip: I love the Baby Lips collection. This clear one is great, but I am a fan of all of the colors. They give your lips a smooth, pretty, plump look without the stickiness of regular gloss. You can’t beat the price, either! You can purchase this at any drug store or Ulta for only $4!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Light the Fire

Light the Fire

Light the Fire by aldome91 featuring soy candles

I’m obsessed with candles. I really am. My roommate, Catherine, and I always have one burning in our living room. After trying a bunch of different types, I have narrowed it down to 3 of my favorites. Al’s Tip: If you want to try a new scent, great places to buy them are boutiques. I don’t really know why, but that’s where I have stumbled across all of these different candles!

Rain by Capri Blue. This one is number one for a reason. It is amazing, with scents of gardenia floral. I found it when I was shopping at Posh in Baton Rouge and fell in love, as did Catherine. Unfortunately when I went back, they had the Capri Blue brand, but not the rain scent. I then looked at stores in Perkins Rowe and the Mall of Louisiana, but I couldn’t find rain. I did, however, find that rain is still being sold online, if you want to try it. I highly recommend it!

French Cade Lavender by Volsupa Candles. This candle is the perfect scent for relaxing. When burning it, anytime I had friends or family over, they always commented on how fresh and great the smell was! I found this at Rodeo in Baton Rouge, and then later bought a larger size at Anthropologie. This scent is a “refreshing blend of French cade wood, lavender, verbena and moss.”

Sauvignon Blanc by Rewined. I got my Rewined candle at Niche in Mandeville. Each is made of a repurposed wine bottle, and the scents are named after, and smell like, each type of wine, red or white! As a wine lover, I thought these were so cool, and the Sauvignon Blanc scent was my favorite. These candles also burn for a long time!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Queen B

The Queen B

The Queen B by aldome91 featuring MICHAEL Michael Kors

I know I'm behind here, but I just started watching Gossip Girl a few months ago. I must say that as excited as I am for the next episode to see what happens in the plot, I'm equally excited to see what happens with their fashion. Blair Walforf, played by Leighton Meester, is a huge fashion icon for our time. This look is dedicated to remaking an outfit she wore in the beginning of the show. 

Short dress

MICHAEL Michael Kors outerwear
$555 -

Yellow platform pumps
$29 -

Smythson leather tote

Accessorize satin scarve

Nars cosmetic

Christian Dior lips makeup

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cuddle Weather

Cuddle Weather

Cuddle Weather by aldome91 featuring glass home decor

When it's a day like today, rainy and wet, all I ever want to do is crawl back into bed and curl up with Breakfast at Tiffany's. While this look is adorable, it's also oh so comfortable.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Noel Martin Collection

A few weeks ago, New Orleans Museum of Art held the Noel Martin Collection Pre-Spring/Resort 2014 show. The looks were whimsical, light, delicate and refreshing. Her mixtures of soft and hard textures and colors made me excited for the upcoming spring fashion trends, especially white leather and ruffle trim shorts. The show was beautiful in all aspects, and I'd like to take this time to congratulate Noel on such an amazing show.

Q and A With The Designer

Allie: "What was the inspiration of your collection?"
Noel Martin: "I was inspired by the saddest darkest places in your life. Those innermost feelings that are just kind of uncomfortably dark. I wanted to use a really light palette, so I thought it could be interesting to play with the juxtaposition of a limited calm color scheme and a dark emotional mood.  I thought of a lot of ways of making it kind of creepy or uncomfortable for the viewers."

A:  "How do you feel you’ve grown as a designer from your first show to this show?"
NM: "I think I have a better sense of my work and who my brand is.  The first show gave me the confidence to be more ambitious in my work and attempt more difficult techniques."

A:  "What can we expect from the Noel Martin Collection in the future?"
NM: "I really need to rest and exercise my brain a lot to exhaust all the typical tired ideas out of my creative mind before I can commit to an idea for the new collection.  I have a few ideas I want to research though.  I love making collections, but I really need to stop being so "artsy fartsy" and focus on expanding my business and production.  You know, grown up stuff. I'm growing more comfortable with the idea of allowing my brand to be more accessible to the demographic I design for ($$ wise). Funny how that works." 

The Looks
Noel Martin Collection leather Moto jacket, perfect circle skirt in white leather with invisible pockets

Boyfriend T ponte mesh dress, lucite choker

Pink flare tap shorts, off should halter crop, fox tail keychain, lucite chocker, Slave Bracelet by Zingara Jewels

White denim overall ruffle romper, lucite chocker, Slave Bracelet by Zingara Jewels

Seamless sweater tank crop, leather flare front zip tap short

White leather peplum tank dress, Princess Lumpy's adventure backpurse pack

Leather ponte strap tank in white, pink ruffle front zip short, lucite choker

Pink Mink Grandpa Cardi, perfect circle skirt in white leather, lucite choker

White leather peplum off shoulder halter dress, convertible fox fur hat/collar

White leather over crop, zip front circle skirt in pink denim, lucite choker, fox tail keychain

Grey hi-lo leather strap maxi, lucite choker, Slave Bracelet by Zingara Jewels

White Ponte Mesh stripe skirt, off shoulder halter crop, lucite choker

Pink overall jumper dress, lucite choker, Slave Bracelet by Zingara Jewels

White leather bikini, cropped rabbit mini fur coat

White leather overall jumper dress, fox tail keychain, lucite choker, Slave Bracelet by Zingara Jewels

*All Slave Bracelet by: Zingara Jewels

Noel Martin Collection instagram: @pinkingsheers