Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Noel Martin Collection

A few weeks ago, New Orleans Museum of Art held the Noel Martin Collection Pre-Spring/Resort 2014 show. The looks were whimsical, light, delicate and refreshing. Her mixtures of soft and hard textures and colors made me excited for the upcoming spring fashion trends, especially white leather and ruffle trim shorts. The show was beautiful in all aspects, and I'd like to take this time to congratulate Noel on such an amazing show.

Q and A With The Designer

Allie: "What was the inspiration of your collection?"
Noel Martin: "I was inspired by the saddest darkest places in your life. Those innermost feelings that are just kind of uncomfortably dark. I wanted to use a really light palette, so I thought it could be interesting to play with the juxtaposition of a limited calm color scheme and a dark emotional mood.  I thought of a lot of ways of making it kind of creepy or uncomfortable for the viewers."

A:  "How do you feel you’ve grown as a designer from your first show to this show?"
NM: "I think I have a better sense of my work and who my brand is.  The first show gave me the confidence to be more ambitious in my work and attempt more difficult techniques."

A:  "What can we expect from the Noel Martin Collection in the future?"
NM: "I really need to rest and exercise my brain a lot to exhaust all the typical tired ideas out of my creative mind before I can commit to an idea for the new collection.  I have a few ideas I want to research though.  I love making collections, but I really need to stop being so "artsy fartsy" and focus on expanding my business and production.  You know, grown up stuff. I'm growing more comfortable with the idea of allowing my brand to be more accessible to the demographic I design for ($$ wise). Funny how that works." 

The Looks
Noel Martin Collection leather Moto jacket, perfect circle skirt in white leather with invisible pockets

Boyfriend T ponte mesh dress, lucite choker

Pink flare tap shorts, off should halter crop, fox tail keychain, lucite chocker, Slave Bracelet by Zingara Jewels

White denim overall ruffle romper, lucite chocker, Slave Bracelet by Zingara Jewels

Seamless sweater tank crop, leather flare front zip tap short

White leather peplum tank dress, Princess Lumpy's adventure backpurse pack

Leather ponte strap tank in white, pink ruffle front zip short, lucite choker

Pink Mink Grandpa Cardi, perfect circle skirt in white leather, lucite choker

White leather peplum off shoulder halter dress, convertible fox fur hat/collar

White leather over crop, zip front circle skirt in pink denim, lucite choker, fox tail keychain

Grey hi-lo leather strap maxi, lucite choker, Slave Bracelet by Zingara Jewels

White Ponte Mesh stripe skirt, off shoulder halter crop, lucite choker

Pink overall jumper dress, lucite choker, Slave Bracelet by Zingara Jewels

White leather bikini, cropped rabbit mini fur coat

White leather overall jumper dress, fox tail keychain, lucite choker, Slave Bracelet by Zingara Jewels

*All Slave Bracelet by: Zingara Jewels

Noel Martin Collection instagram: @pinkingsheers

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