Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breakfast, Anyone?

My most absolute favorite meal of the day is breakfast. It's always been since I was little, and I was lucky enough to have a mom who made it for me every morning. She's make eggs of all kind, biscuits, pancakes, and everything else. Growing up with a mom who spoiled me with syrup, I grew to love sitting down and having breakfast before my day got crazy. Now that I'm in college, I understand that not having a mom to cook for you, and not wanting to wake up early because at that moment, sleep sounds better than french toast, there isn't always time to sit down and have an early morning meal. But have no fear. I have mastered the art of eating on the go, and I'm going to share a few tasty, yet no cook time breakfast ideas.

No time to cook?
Fruit Salad

Preparing this the night before saves you time, and it gives the fruit a few hours to marinate together, resulting in a delicious tangy taste.

Yogurt and Granola

This is an easy on the go meal because you don't need to heat anything. If you want to make the granola yourself, this is a great website with a couple different recipes: granola recipes. If you don't have the time, buying it is just as easy. I have also recently discovered Yoplait has a little cup of yogurt that has granola and fruit ready! All you need to do is mix.

Hard Boiled Egg

My mom is a hard boiled egg fanatic. She eat's them all the time. They're a good source of protein and easy to eat if you're in a rush. Just boil them the night before. All you have to do is put them in a pot with water (make sure the water covers them). Turn on the heat and wait for the water to boil. Once it does turn off the heat and leave the eggs in the pot of hot water for about ten minutes.

Have a few minutes to sit down?
This may be instant oatmeal, but I swear that it is the best thing ever. I prefer to add milk to it, because it gives it a creamier taste than water does.

Veggie Bacon
It might sound weird, and it might look weird, but I promise that this is delicious. I'm a vegetarian and I don't eat meat except for fish and seafood. The hardest part of it was parting with my dearly beloved bacon. But then I found this. It's so close to the real thing that it's scary! The only difference is no animals were harmed to make it!

Lazy, hungry morning?
Fried Egg
Yum! My personal favorite. Cooking a fried egg is so easy. Turn of the heat and spray you pan with non stick spray. Crack the egg over carefully, and be sure not to break the yolk. Once it's ready, flip the egg, and leave it on that side for a little white. Make sure not to leave it on that side too long, or your yolk may not be runny. Just pair this with a little salt and pepper, a couple of pieces of toast, and you're done!

French Toast
French Toast. So delicious. And so easy! Get a an egg and a splash of milk and mix it in a bowl. After that, dip a piece of bread so that it is totally covered in the egg mixture and then put it on a pan. Let it cook for a little while, then flip it. Throw on some powdered sugar, a bit of syrup, and you're done!

Wash it down.
Orange Juice
I can't start my day with out orange juice. It's a great source of Vitamin C and it tastes so good.

Organic Milk
I love this organic milk. It's so creamy and light and fresh. I started drinking organic milk about 5 years ago, after watching a few videos and reading a few articles. I think it's totally worth the few cents more.

French Vanilla Coffee Creamer
If you're a coffee drinker, you NEED to buy this. It's so amazing. It completely changes the coffee experience and adds a delicious and sweet taste.


  1. Organic milk is DA BOMB but Horizon still factory farms. Use Organic Valley instead. They still raise their cows the old fashioned way.