Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Factory Girl: Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick was a model, an actress and an artist in the 1960's. Beautiful and talented, yet troubled and manic, I think that Edie Sedgwick was one of the most interesting people that I know about. She is commonly known for being Andy Warhol's muse and superstar, staring in films such as Poor Little Rich Girl. She also had a love affair with Bob Dylan, inspiring his song Like a Rolling Stone. Edie battled drugs on and off all through out her life until it all ended when she was at the young age of 28 when she overdosed and died. I think Edie is so interesting because her life was anything but simple. Her "old money" family was packed with many brothers and sisters, three of whom killed themselves. They were all always in and out of mental institutions, whether it be because they needed to be, or because that is where their father, Fuzzy, shipped them away to. Through it all though, I believe that she was always very caring and free spirited. The movie Factory Girl is about Edie and her life, and I highly recommend it. 
"She loved the things she did not know. She was eager to learn, not in the way of a pupil, but somehow in the way of an artist."
- Donald Lyons
"She made you feel privileged to be there."
- Rene Ricard
"One person in the sixties fascinated me more than anybody I had ever known. And the fascination I experienced was probably very close to a certain kind of love. But her name is still going. It seems incredible, doesn't it?"
- Andy Warhol
"If I all I cared about was me, I could make a million. And that's what they'll never understand."
- Edie Sedgwick

"It's not that I'm rebelling. It's that I'm trying to find another way."
- Edie Sedgwick

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