Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spring Semester has Sprung!

Tuesday is the beginning of this crazy schedule. I am taking 14 hours at LSU, doing 8 hours at DIG Magazine as an internship, and working! I prefer to be busy though. It keeps me on track. So anyway as the new semester approaches, and a fresh start is given, it's important to stay unstressed and organized. At least at the beginning! Here are a few tips to start the semester on a good foot! 

1. Stay Positive and Stress Free.
A lot of people go into to situations like a new semester with a negative mood. This could be your first problem! Try practicing to catch yourself when you begin to think negatively. Since a positive thought is 100 times stronger then a negative one, why not try to get excited about a new semester? If that seems absolutely unbearable, well, you know what they say: fake it til you make it! Smile. Smiling can actually put you in a better mood, and cause other positive happy people to be drawn to you. A good way to stay stress free is to learn to meditate. Yoga is an amazing form of meditation. It's exercise and it also gives you an hour to clear your thoughts and calm yourself!

2. Detox and De-Clutter Your Space.
Since tomorrow is MLK day, and school and some work is closed, give your apartment a good scrubbing! Finish up that last minute laundry! This is a perfect day to get it all out of the way, so when you start school, this will be one less thing to worry about! If this seems too much, do a few things to start fresh like swap your sheets, change out the pictures in the frames, and light a scented candle. Bath and Body Works has a candle called Stress Relief: Eucalyptus spearmint scented candle. Trust me this will change your life.

3. Don't Fall Behind Before You Start.
Make sure that you really focus on the first few weeks! Print out the syllabus, create folders on your desktop for your classes for notes, and go to class! A great way to make sure you go to class is an idea that my brother and his friends who were his roommates did. They each put up twenty dollars at the beginning of the semester, and every time someone skipped class, they had to put a tally mark by their name. Whoever has the least amount of strikes at the end of the semester gets to keep the cash!

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